When you need a pair of binoculars and you're on a tight budget, then have a look at some store branded Gael Force marine binoculars for a fraction of the price of any premium badge.

Product Overview

Gael Force 7x50 focus-free waterproof marine binoculars


  • Good value, good optics, not too heavy in the hand, good grips


  • Don't dunk these because although they are resistant to rain they are not fully waterproof and liable to fog up


Gael Force 7×50 focus-free waterproof marine binoculars review

Gael Force marine binoculars

The product is described as waterproof, but a rating of IPX3 does not mean these binoculars will survive immersion and they are not buoyant, as the website makes clear.

There are no individual eye adjusters on these marine binoculars, despite what the instructions might say and the only exterior feature is the hidden tripod attachment.

The eye cups are described as ‘long eye relief’ and the eye pieces are quite small diameter.

It’s an effective combination for blocking out unwanted light, but it’s a different feeling to most of the other products on test.

Gael Force marine binoculars

When testing, we did the dunk test on all of our binoculars to see how they fare. These are not advertised as submersible, but it is a fair test of any binoculars being used in a marine environment that they might get wet.

These have fogged up after a dunking. They will dry out and be perfectly useable, but buyer beware, if you are planning to use these outside of the wheelhouse or in very heavy weather then they do have some limitations.

The eye cups fold down for users wearing spectacles. The packaging is attractive, simple cardboard and the carry case has a strap but no extra pocket.

The two lens protectors are loose, so could easily get lost. The eyepiece protector has an eyelet for attaching to the neckstrap provided.

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Additional reporting by Fox Morgan


Maximum magnification:7x
Objective lens diameter:50