Rupert Holmes takes a look at the latest electric outboard offering from an innovative French brand, the TEMO 1000

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First look: TEMO 1000 electric outboard

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Electric propulsion has allowed innovative companies – usually small start ups – to experiment with novel form factors, many of which have clear advantages over that of a conventional internal combustion outboard motor. One of the most distinctive of these to date has been the TEMO 450, an ultra light unit for small dinghies and tenders – it’s almost the shape of a paddle, which proved ideal for this application. So why is the TEMO 1000 a completely different shape?

The company’s latest model, a larger motor with a power output equivalent to that of a 3hp internal combustion outboard is completely different to the 450 which proceeded it. “We quickly realised that the tubular shape of the TEMO 450 was no longer suitable for higher power,” director Justine Perussel told me. “The propeller tends to come out of the water too easily and the much higher transoms of small sailboats make the ergonomics unsuitable. That’s why we went for a more classical form.”

Nevertheless, the TEMO 1000, which is intended for tenders and as auxiliary propulsion for lightweight sailing boats up to 8m (26ft) in length and 1,000kg displacement, incorporates a number of neat and innovative features. The slimline transom bracket, for instance, allows the height of the motor to be adjusted to exactly suit the height of the boat’s transom. Long and short shaft versions are therefore no longer required and owners of small boats that are kept on a mooring no longer need two separate outboards – you just swap the one from the tender to the bigger boat and vice-versa.

There’s a retractable tiller handle that stows away neatly when not in use on a larger vessel, but is instantly available for use with a tender.
The unit is also extremely light, weighing only 10kg with the 5kg internal battery removed, which makes for easy handling. The 740Wh lithium-ion battery gives a quoted range of 45 minutes at full speed and up to an hour at cruising speeds.

The TEMO 1000 can be pre-ordered now at a discounted price, but full production is yet to start and the first units aren’t scheduled for delivery until February 2023.

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