Who’s it for? Those bored by plain water

Product Overview

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  • • Durable
  • • Handy for the boat
  • • Built-in juicer for added zing


Citrus Zinger Sport bottle tested

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A durable bottle with an integrated straw is a handy thing to have for the car or the boat. Add a juicer to the bottom part and you have the means to add some healthy flavour to your water too – just load some citrus into the base and screw it tight.

I have used this bottle daily for weeks – only occasionally adding the built-in juicer.

Rapier Cat 550,Test,Toby Hodgeswww.firebox.com Tested by Toby Hodges




It’s the ideal size (795ml), voluminous yet portable and the carry loop makes it ideal for one-handed use.