Final Results - 29/11/02

Prada Challenge – 4 V Victory Challenge – 0

Team Dennis Conner – 0 V One World Challenge – 4

The waiting is over with a clean score line of 4-0 in both matches. Team Dennis Conner and Victory Challenge are packing their bags having lost all of their races in the quarter-final repechage.

Having said that it’s all over, there is some doubt over the final result due to the outstanding protest by Stars & Stripes against One World Challenge. The protest will be heard after the separate issue of the submission to the Arbitration panel has been dealt with. This is anticipated to be on 9 Dec.

Prada Challenge and One World Challenge now go on to race each other in the semi finals along with the match between Alinghi and Oracle.

Racing starts Mon 9 Dec.

To see the official results along with a table of who’s raced who go to: Official Results Table