On sale 8 February, in the March 2018 issue of Yachting World we reveal the very best new yachts for 2018, with 15 exciting new designs tried and tested by Toby Hodges.

Plus dream cruises in Canada and Norway, and essential information all parents need to know about choosing and fitting children’s lifejackets



Volvo Race yacht in fatal collision with fishing vessel off Hong Kong

Sydney Hobart race result upended following protest

Opposition grows to dolphin park at popular St Lucia anchorage

Recycling depot flare accident highlights a burning issue


BEST YACHTS OF 2018: 15 brilliant new launches tested

Toby Hodges reviews the European Yacht of the Year nominees and winners

Off the deep end 

The mysterious and tragic disappearance of solo sailor Donald Crowhurst still fascinates 50 years on, says Nic Compton

A quest to Norway

Tom Cunliffe sails to Oslo in a bid to discover if his first yacht, Saari, really was built by the legendary Colin Archer

Canada’s wild west

Suzy Carmody finds magnificent scenery, quiet anchorages and some hair-raising pilotage on the coast of British Columbia

Kids’ inflatable lifejackets

A lifejacket that suits and fits your child is vital. With the help of ten young volunteers Pip Hare puts the latest kit to the test


New yachts

Spicy 40-48ft racer-cruisers: Neo 400+, Agile 42, NMD43 and more


Practical features

Special Report

Suzy Carmody on customs and clearing

Extraordinary Boats

S&S maxi Kialoa II makes a comeback

Get out of that

Annie Lush on racing in squally conditions

Navigation briefing

Adrienne Cahalan on ocean currents

Masterclass with Pip Hare

How to anchor in a tight spot

Cover image

The Beneteau Figaro 3, one of the stars of the European Yacht of the Year awards.

Photo by Jean-Baptiste d’Enquin

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