Lists of yachts and crews in Thailand and their status after the tsunami are being compiled

Hundreds of yacht crews were cruising in Thailand and Indonesia when the tsunami struck, and there are many reports of damage. Those at anchor seem to have been largely unaffected, but marinas at Telaga and Rebak in Langkawi are reported to have been destroyed. Some 25% of yachts here are said to have been damaged, but at present there are no organised lists of casualties among crews.

However, a detailed list of yachts that were at Rebak and Telaga, their names and status has been diligently compiled by Richard Donaldson-Alves, the net controller for the South East Asia Maritime Mobile Net. His list is here

We have no reports of yachts in Galle, Sri Lanka, which is one of the popular stopover ports before the Indian Ocean crossing. However, first reports from the Maldives are that the outer coral reefs protected the low-lying islands to some extent and liveaboard yachts at anchor were unaffected.

If you have details of any yachts in any of these areas and wish to add them to a list, please email them to us at and we will post them here.