The Second CNB Bordeaux 60 rendezvous took place in Mallorca last weekend for some social one-design racing

Boatbuilders CNB organised their second annual Bordeaux 60 rendezvous, a sociable regatta that aptly celebrates and highlights the quick success of this class, with some one design racing in partnership with Raymarine and Volvo Penta France.

Unfortunately the poor preceding weather made it impossible for two B60’s, Eolic 6 and Si Remote, to join the fun. Nethertheless the eight remaining boats and their crews, made up of a mix of experienced racers and complete families, enjoyed the opportunity to meet and race together in beautiful conditions.

Following a ‘meet & greet’ cocktail on the evening of the 9 July, the British, German, Swiss, Spanish and French skippers and crew took to the water on the Saturday for a middle distance course in Palma Bay, which began with a very light breeze rising to an agreeable 15 knots in the afternoon. 

The German/Swiss Dumia, one of last year’s best boats, lead the fleet, closely followed by Marijosé, the only lift-keel B60, and both boats enjoyed a close tacking and Code 0 reaching leg, before Dumia snuck the win. Behind them, Kismet managed to keep Nina in her wake to claim third, before the fleet enjoyed a cooling off swim at Port Vell Cove.

An Olympic triangle course on 11 July made for lots of position swapping under Asymmetric spinnakers, but it was Marijosé that best capitalised on the shortened course to take the Volvo Penta race in front of Kismet and Nina. The overall rankings, announced in the end of the afternoon during the farewell cocktail party, followed this order, with Marijosé’s owner thanking Dumia for making the same ‘overstaying the mark’ mistake that they had the day before!