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In this month’s issue

The foiling phenomenon: Vestas Sailrocket broke the world sailing speed record on futuristic hydrofoils, but many others are getting in on the act, from foiling Moths to AC 72s. Matthew Sheahan investigates 

World domination: How did a young French sailor on his first attempt dominate the Vendée Globe, the world’s toughest race? Elaine Bunting meets François Gabart and his illustrious mentor 

The greatest ocean race you’ve never heard of: Three times as long as the Fastnet, across open ocean to a speck of land in the middle of the Atlantic in a folding trimaran? Try the Governor’s Cup to St Helena

North America ends here: Tom Zydler heads beyond the reach of regular charts to the north of Labrador and on to Baffin Island, exploring a lonely coast where there are more polar bears than people

On test – Morris 36
: Is this just a pretty weekender? David Glenn finds she has more than a hint of steel in a big breeze off the south of France

New Yachts: Is this the year of the Wild Cats? We feature two feisty-looking examples of fast cruising cats: the contemporary-looking Broadblue Rapier 550 and the ferociously slippery SIG 60

New Gear: A smaller, better GoPro camera gets the juices of all amateur film-makers flowing. Plus four more action video cameras, an eye-catching carbon boom and an ultrasonic barnacle-buster