Court upholds decision for next event to be held Feb 2010. Matthew Sheahan reports

A New York court has today (Thursday 14 May 2009) confirmed that the next America’s Cup should take place in February 2010.

In a statement issued by the Golden Gate Yacht Club (GGYC), spokesman Tom Ehman said, “Today’s hearing should end any further delay to the 33rd America’s Cup and we can now look forward to some exciting racing in state-of-the-art boats early next year.”

Their opponents, Alinghi and the Société Nautique de Genève (SNG), appeared to take a different view on news that must surely have come as a blow to the team, claiming that they welcomed the decision and confirmed that ‘it would be adhered to.’ The Swiss statement then went on to say;

‘We now know that the America’s Cup Match can take place in the Northern Hemisphere regardless of the date, which Justice Kornreich said can be agreed through mediation. In the event of no agreement being reached, Alinghi, representing the SNG, will race BMW Oracle, representing the Golden Gate Yacht Club, in February 2010.’

Given the lack of agreement between the pair during the last two years, the prospect of agreement now must look unlikely which must suggest that Feb 2010 be the date of the next event.

The Swiss statement went on to touch on another issue that has been the subject of recent speculation.

‘In another important decision, Justice Kornreich ordered the GGYC to stick to the specifications of their Notice of Challenge and instructed the Challenger of Record to provide the Custom-House Registry as soon as possible.’

In other words, declare the dimensions of the boat that the American challenge will be using. So far BMW Oracle has appeared reluctant to disclose such details. Could this mean that the team has another boat in addition to the giant trimaran that it has been parading around the US? Sounds like we’re about to find out.