5 J-Class are currently racing in Europe for the first time – and they look stunning enough on the dock

5 J-Class stern to together for the first time ever? Wowzas!
Superyacht regattas are blatantly glamorous affairs – and the docks of superyacht ports like Antibes, Monaco and Palma make for addictive oogling. But the 130-140ft Js, amongst the larger boats at this year’s SY Cup Palma, take that to another level – before they’ve even left port and set sail, they look simply stunning. Having five together alongside each other has to be the first time ever, and being flanked by smaller lookalike Firefly on one end and the gorgeous ketch Rebecca on the other has most people here (including myself) positively salivating.
Rainbow’s Simon Tibbot took this shot from the top of the mast before the Js first race yesterday. And their racing is proving to be almost as close.

The dock is open to the public on Saturday morning before the final race.