Familiar territory but it feels rather different at 30 knots

Having grown up racing and occasionally cruising in the Solent I’ve always thought I had a pretty good handle on where things are and how long it takes to get from A to B.
But, as I discovered a few days ago from on board the 60ft foiling trimaran L’Hydroptère, the Solent feels like an entirely different place when you’re hurtling along at close to 30 knots.
Like driving a Ferrari on a go kart track, the Solent simply felt too small. Yet that was no deterrent to skipper and project founder Alain Thébault and his crew who demonstrated just how competent they are at throwing the world’s fastest sailing vessel around a crowded, tidal and complex venue.

Here’s a short video clip shot from the bow as we smoked across from Cowes to Hill Head. More to follow when we publish our August issue (on sale July 8).