America’s Cup Event Authority protests Luna Rossa for not turning up to two special events

If you thought the one horse races of the Louis Vuitton challenger series were bizarre, how about the latest two disputes between the Italian Luna Rossa team and the Americas Cup Event Authority (ACEA) in which the organisers have protested the Italians for not turning up to two ‘Special Events’.

The first was apparently the Italians failing to bring their AC45 to the opening ceremony and then not showing up for the Louis Vuitton opening party.

According to the official notice ‘Jury Case AC26′ ACEA claims that Luna Rossa Challenge 2013 (LR) ‘has breached Protocol Article 45.2 (Participation in Special Events) and Article 2 (Purpose and Intent) by failing, without justification, to participate in/or comply with the prescribed requirements for two Special Events related to the Louis Vuitton Cup, America’s Cup Challenge Series’.

As if to even the score, the Italians have put in their own protest regarding the use of an image of their boat that has been used for marketing but in which the image has been doctored with the removal of branding and sponsor graphics.

Criticised for the lack of competitors in the opening phase of the event then criticised for taking action when teams decide not to turn up, it is easy to see how ACEA may feel like they are being backed into a corner.

Sadly, while it’s difficult to know what the Jury’s response is likely to be, it is much easier to gauge public opinion as the bickering continues.