Did you miss any of these breaking news stories I put up on Twitter this week? Here they are

Did you miss any of these breaking news stories I put up on Twitter this week? Here they are:

12 January

Multihull America’s Cup. Now can we agree that the French have been on to something for the last 40 years

Best soundbite of the day courtesy of Andy Green on America’s Cup: “The soft sail is a fail. The wing is king

Bookmaker Paddy Power has odds on America’s Cup. 4/6 BOR 11/10 Alinghi, 5/2 boats to dismast 4/1 man overboard 12/1 boat to sink

Code orange for the maxi Banque Populaire V. Possible departure on Sunday

USA17 has one American sailor among the crew today http://bit.ly/9FmnYo

RAF and Navy search and rescue to cease. There goes the military expertise that’s saved us before and since Fastnet ’79 http://bit.ly/bDQFRj

At full speed, a 1-knot increase in pressure for America’s Cup multihulls is equivalent to 20° wind shift.. #ac33 – http://bit.ly/9UThlE

One British businessman who can afford this game…RT @33ACup: Sir Richard Branson at the Alinghi Base #ac33 http://digg.com/u1MbVi

11 February

Go Nigel! RT @Nigel_O_King: Another classic entry list for La Solitaire. It just gets bigger & bigger http://bit.ly/czBAgE

Groupama 3 slows down…back in the red by 30 miles after managing a measly 267 miles yesterday

An ant on an elephant’s back: RT @BMWORACLE2010: We equipped bowman Brad Webb with a helmet camera during training.. http://bit.ly/9RiR1l

Multihull America’s Cup “will be irrelevant”: Multihull fleet racing would be disaster for the AC, says Rod Carr o… http://bit.ly/awqNYc

Hostage sailors Paul & Rachel Chandler have met ‘deep public indifference’ and have ‘no monetary value’ to govt – http://bit.ly/b10yPE

SolOceans one-design to have fixed rig with articulating single spreaders to replace the original wingmast that tumbled off Madeira

10 January

Herreshoff America’s Cup lines plans made into limited edition prints. Not a bad way to make $1 million – http://bit.ly/avO3eZ

RT @PYL: ‘Things are happening behind the scenes’ RT @Mike_Golding America’s Cup and Louis Vuitton Trophy cd integrate http://bit.ly/cQEnN0

8 January

Recession-proof ARC has 150 entries 9 months before the start. The 215 upper limit likely to be reached by April

Wonder if BMW Oracle regrets showing the number of viewers on its live feed? It topped at 3k

Hobie cat gets makeover: Designer Philippe Starck’s Hobie cat makeover is turning a concept into reality this summer http://bit.ly/92ujnX

7 January

An unnamed Kiwi sailor has entered Josh Hall’s 2011 Global Ocean Race, bringing total to 12 so far

America’s Cup set to be a super high-tech showcase but even a simple generator failure cd cost the race tomorrow http://bit.ly/br5blo

6 January

AC is going to cook a giant paella tomorrow with the proceeds going to Haiti. No, seriously

5 January

RT @cammas_groupama: Groupama 3 crossed the equator today at 09h 02′ 40” UTC, after 5d 19h 07m. 2nd fastest time ever

Pete Cumming & Oman Sail Masirah win again in Extreme Sail Series. Watch this guy, he’s really got the magic touch

Figaro sailor Marc Emig sets his cap at the Vendée Globe 2012 with a shout out from former French football team manager Michel Hidalgo

What the Navy should have done re Chandlers RT @p_b_o: Danish special forces storm hijacked ship http://bit.ly/9FfZbq

Supermaxi ICAP Leopard is to head from AUS the US to attempt to break her own monohull transatlantic record

A man of his word? RT @trebormat: Bertarelli says “If I lose I won’t go to court” http://bit.ly/btLIb0

Prototype SolOceans 50 on the way back to France again for refit. Next big project the Route du Rhum. Anyone know who’ll race it?

RT @PYL: RT @trebormat #ac33 A team of doctor and divers follows BOR and helicopters are on standby http://bit.ly/a1uAr5

Mike Golding dips out of Barcelona World Race despite having poss Spanish sponsor lined up. Only Brit for sure is Alex Thomson


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