Did you miss any of these breaking news stories I put up on Twitter this week? Here they are

Did you miss any of these breaking news stories I put up on Twitter this week? Here they are

Insider Alain Gautier says: “if Alinghi wins Ernesto looks decided to continue with a multihull America’s Cup” http://bit.ly/bSJTyD

Bankrupt Ireland to offer €4 million for a VOR stopover!! RT @seasailsurf: Galway :4 millions – Lorient 1 million http://is.gd/7GowE

Groupe Bel will sponsor Kito de Pavant until 2013 to take in the next Vendée Globe, as well as Figaro circuit

Rocket ship! Perfect gliding round the Cape Verdes as Groupama logs another 565-mile day…

2 February

Flying high – Groupama logs 560 miles in 24 hours to edge ahead of Jules Verne record time

Petition to Prime Minister to settle ransom for kidnapped yachtsmen Paul and Rachel Chandler http://bit.ly/9VlqOu

1 February

Somalia’s piracy industry: Hijacking brought Somali pirates a bounty of US$60 million last year. How can the probl… http://bit.ly/avaUcz

Galway and Portugal port also in running RT @PYL: Lorient submits plans for Volvo Ocean Race . €1 million entry ticket? http://bit.ly/bL82UB

RT @oc_markturner: RT @extremesailing Check out the vodcast of action in Muscat – light, but the boats look great!

Somali pirates reunite captive yacht couple http://bit.ly/aUV8tS

RT @cammas_groupama: Video from Groupama 3: Up and running off Ushant. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xc2dxb

Cruising website Noonsite has launched 3 useful new forums: weather and routeing; crewing opportunties and buy & sell – http://bit.ly/9qeTdF

US Tall Ship sails for Haiti: Volunteers set sail with badly needed supplies following a major fundraising drive http://bit.ly/cAFyjF

31 January

America’s Cup: is it an outdated anomaly to have constructed in country rules but designers, engineers, skipper & crew from any nation?

Behold, a thing of beauty – RT @conradhumphreys: Spectacular aerial video of BMW Oracle trimaran: http://bit.ly/aKMU6M

Putting out the call: still without title backer, Cowes Week is trying to push a new range of sponsorship options

Cool reminder of one of the greatest ocean rescues: RT @giovannisoldini: Soldini salvataggio Isabelle Autissier http://bit.ly/cGktxX

Hostage couple injured and despairing as new deadline of 4-5 days set for ransom. Their latest communication http://bit.ly/9bnYyY

Groupama 3 off on Jules Verne bid @ 1355. Good timing as wd soon have had to switch Route du Rhum mode. Banque Populaire on ‘Code Red’

30 January

On their marks: RT @cammas_groupama: Code Green! Groupama 3 will start today at the conquest of the Jules Verne Trophy

Software billionaires and their riches. What a contrast: Ellison heading for Valencia and Bill Gates at WEF in Davos #wef

All that for this: RT @ America’s Cup on display now at Alinghi Base http://twitpic.com/10h08d

29 January

Spectacular. Can’t wait RT @PRPeta: The glamour of Big Class racing returns to Cowes in July: http://wp.me/pFiNW-cU

Five ways the iPad will change magazine design – inc the rebirth of long form journalism? http://bit.ly/9KS9rR

Is this for real? Somali pirates say they might send money extorted from kidnapping and ransom as aid to Haiti http://bit.ly/9iL7CM

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