An Open 60 for Yann Elies, one of France's leading solo sailors, emerges into the sunlight


Here’s an Open 60 secret emerging fully into the sunlight? This is the brand new Générali, launched today from Multiplast in Vannes for Yann Elies, a highly talented sailor who is new to this class and one who is, competitively speaking, greatly feared. This is one of 18 or 19 new builds for the Vendée Globe next year, adding up to more than ?50 million worth of new kit and caboodle for the solo race.

If you’re really eagle-eyed you can see that Générali has the central winching arrangement that originated on the Farr-designed Virbac and is becoming the norm, and a semi-circular mainsheet track like the one first used by Mich Desjoyeaux on PRB. But leaving aside the more techie bits you’ll notice lots of solar panels. Alternative energy is a big thing for Elies, who also says he will run his generator on biofuel.

The wonderful photo is by Thierry Martinez, who spotted her as she was motored past his roost in Locmariaquer. The crew are passing Kerpenhir Point opposite Port Navalo.