A simple but clever idea for ferrying those endless mugs of tea and coffee to the cockpit

Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest ones. Here’s an example.

This is the Muggi, a drinks holder for ferrying those endless teas and coffees made on board a yacht from the galley to the cockpit. It was the idea of former soldier and treehouse designer David Trotter, who made a prototype from the neoprene use to seal treehouses and decided it worked so well he’d launch it on the market.

In six weeks, he’d made a stock of Muggis, set up a company, launched a website, sent out press releases and mugs to us press folk and exhibited at the London Boat Show.

I’m told the Muggi went down well and that a certain Royal visitor took away four of them.

I wonder if they spelt the name right on the mug?

I must admit I quite like the misspelling of my name; it looks like more of a brand than the original. That extra ‘i’ is in tune with these iPad, iEverything days.

Here’s the sub-edited version, though.