No wonder there were collisions in the iShares Cup when you see where they were racing


Port and starboard collisions put the crunch into the iShares Cup in Amsterdam last week, with some of the biggest names in sailing failing to manage a duck in time.

Loick Peyron’s Oman Renaissance T-boned Mike Golding’s Ecover and series leader Pete Cummings’s Oman Masirah was hit by Nick Moloney in BT, the latter holing and compressing an area just forward of Oman’s aft beam. Cummings’s team managed a repair in time to get back out racing the next day and continue to lead the series.

The collisions sound reckless until you see the area in which boats were racing. A burst of acceleration and you could find yourself in the middle of a coffee shop or right in someone’s living room. A real spectacle.

Photos courtesy of Thierry Martinez with many more at Sea&Co