Radical wingmasted SailRocket hits a top speed of 54 knots in this video, to one journalist’s surprise

This video shows a terrifyingly high-speed run made recently
by Vestas SailRocket, the wingmasted speed machine being wound up to a
potential new world speed sailing record in Namibia.

Skipper, sailor and co-inventor Paul Larsen took journalist
Adam Fisher from Wired magazine for a ride and, by coincidence, set off on his
fastest run to date hitting 54 knots. He says: “Neither of us expected to go
quite that fast. I don’t think he realised what was going on – in fact, I know
he didn’t!”

Paul adds: “I can’t tell you how satisfying it has been see
the new boat effortlessly leapfrogging up the speed ladder. Progress has come
in big chunks. I still don’t know exactly how this is all going to unfold, but
I guess that’s the fun bit.”

Looking at this, part of me deeply envies the Wired
journalist’s experience. But another part of me thinks it’s totally hair
raising, especially the dial up at the end as they are closing the port at
literally breakneck pace.