Have a look at Alex Thomson's very, very strange Hugo Boss promo video

To the Hugo Boss party, where Alex Thomson is showing his new promo video for the Barcelona World Race.

Alex’s team are in full fig in the race pavilion’s big boutique style bar. You would look out of place here if you were in a button-down shirt, chinos and deck shoes rig. Soooo square. The Hugo Boss team wear black during work time and change to white in the evenings and for parties.

Alex himself cuts a dash in Hugo Boss lounge wear and his hair is blonde and feathery. Before the Velux 5 Oceans he shaved his head because that was practical, but his sponsors prefer it longer. They liked how it looked in the Southern Ocean rescue video.

His quirky promo video is way out there. If you’re old enough to remember the book or the film ‘The Midwych Cuckoos’ about a village whose children are possessed by aliens, it’s reminiscent of that. If you don’t, perhaps there’s a hint of the genetically altered pre-cognitives in the movie ‘Minority Report.’

This is Alex and Andrew Cape as European übermensch. They have hypnotically piercing blue eyes. They are robotic, chipped and tuned, super-race machines that recite statistics about sail sizes and calorie requirements and bulb weights. Watch for Capey looking somewhat ill at ease. Wonderfully absurb stuff.

There are also some great shots of Hugo Boss surfing completely bows-out in the video.