I have sailed so many miles, days and nights at sea, and yet I have seen nothing yet...

Great tales
?I have sailed so many miles, days and nights at sea, and yet I have seen nothing yet. But I have learnt. And what I have learnt is that it can only get worse. Whatever waves I have seen towering above my mast, wind ripping the crests, lightning splitting the darkness in front of me ? this is nothing. The calmer it gets, the luckier I am ? the more scared I get. It can only get worse.? A passage from a remarkable modern-day saga. A young Swede, Sebastian Naslund, builds his own boat, just 14ft long, and goes voyaging . This is one of the most refreshing ? and emotional ? sailing stories we have read.

Another great tale of the sea is recounted in the Great Seamanship series. We join Robin Knox-Johnston on his Golden Globe adventure as he stems a serious leak by recaulking a seam underwater.

Caught at Cowes
If you?re reading this in Cowes during Skandia Cowes Week then there?s a chance that you might feature in next month?s issue. We bring you our full Regatta report on the activities afloat and ashore. So watch out for that guy (or girl) pointing a camera in your direction.

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David Glenn was there when they went racing.

45-footers tested.
We sail the Grand Soleil 45, Bénéteau 44.7, Comet 45 and Salona 45

It?s Global Challenge time again.

Elaine Bunting previews Chay Blyth?s ?wrong way? race

Diary of a Yachtmistress.

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