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The best of 2005
If 2004 was a golden year for British yachting, what are we to make of 2005?
We look back at the sailing year as seen through the pages of Yachting World, a year of records from sailors such as Ellen MacArthur, Bruno Peyron and Francis Joyon plus other great events of the year, as well as memorable cruising and racing.
Gear of the year
You may never have heard of Empirbus, but it could be about to change the way you manage power on board your boat. We have a technical review of the system, plus loads of ideas for Xmas presents for yachtsmen and all the latest kit.

Fifty years of winning
In 1955 press baron and yachtsman of note Sir Max Aitken introduced a new award for sailing, the Yachtsman of the Year Award. The trophy, a silver buoy mounted on a plinth, carries the names of 50 great achievers in sailing over the last 50 years and refl ects the fascinating recent history of our sport. Francis Chichester rubs shoulders with Ellen MacArthur, Stewart Morris with Ben Ainslie and each engraved name represents true sporting endeavour. We look back over 50 years of sailing success stories.