Massive modifications have been done with the aim of pushing Wild Oats XI on to her ninth line honours victory in the Rolex Sydney Hobart Race 2015

This video by Crosbie Lorimer shows Bob Oatley’s now legendary Australian supermaxi Wild Oats XI in action earlier this month after her modifications at McConaghy Boats.

They were done in preparation for her attempt at a ninth line honours win in the Rolex Sydney Hobart Race.

The 20m (100ft) Wild Oats XI was relaunched this month after a extensive surgery that involved cutting the boat in two forward of the mast and adding a new, 14m long forward section including a new bowsprit.

Skipper Mark Richards has called her “a totally different animal”. The work done moved the bow forward by 2m relative to the mast and keel.

Wild Oats XI is the most successful yacht in the 71-year history of the Rolex Sydney Hobart Race, having won line honours in the 628-mile classic eight times.


But on forecasts at this stage, the race could be a hard upwind bash. Forecaster Roger Badham, indicates that while the fleet of 109 will initially make a fast run south from Sydney, their progress will be slowed dramatically when a cold and powerful southerly change confronts them within hours of the start.

It is then likely that there will be headwinds well into the next day.

Wild Oats XI will once again be doing battle for line honours with Jim Clark and Kirsty Hinze Clark’s ultra-beamy supermaxi, Comanche