Lack of wind forced the fifth day’s racing at the Tornado world championship to be postponed

There was no racing today for the fifth day of the Tornado World Championship. After three solid days of racing in northerly breezes, the remnants of tropical storm Isadore approached Martha’s Vineyard. The early morning northerly reached 15 knots, but by 1130 hours it had diminished to 8 knots and before a starting sequence could commence, the breeze collapsed to 4 knots.

The fleet was sent back to shore to await the arrival of the advancing warm front and a southerly breeze. The warm front did not arrive during daylight hours, and neither did the southerly breeze. Giving the race committee only one choice, to abandon racing for the day.

The forecast is for gales overnight, with the prediction of a windy forecast for the final day of racing. Everyone is hoping to complete two final races, but the morning will tell whether conditions will be within the 25 knot wind limit. There was a change to the overall scoreboard as yesterday’s results had an error. The tie between Booth/Dercksen and Backes/Voiron should have been decided in favour of Booth/Dercksen.

Results (after 6 races)

1, Darren Bundock/John Forbes, AUS (2,(6),1,1,2,5) 11 pts

2, Mitch Booth/Herbert Dercksen, NED ((12),1,7,3,1,2) 14 pts

3, Olivier Backes/Laurent Voiron, FRA ((3),3,3,2,3,3) 14 pts


10, Leigh McMillan/Mark Bulkeley (28,7,12,(DNF),4,6) 58 pts

11, Hugh Styles/Adam May (15,13, (OCS),16,5,14) 63 pts

20, Rob Wilson/Will Howden (7,24,23,14,17,(26)) 84 pts

25, Steven Lovegrove/Martin Sellars (31,17,20,(31),23,19) 109 pts

39, Matthew Eeles/Marcus Lynch (33,35,(OCS),21,43,40) 202 pts

44, Leo Farrow/Tris Lamb (42,39,(DNC),44,44,43) 212 pts