Crews announced for the Round Britain and Ireland Challenge which starts next Saturday

Sir Chay Blyth welcomed crew to the Challenge Business marquee in Ocean Village on Saturday and introduced them to the skippers for the third generation of this fiercely demanding two-week circumnavigation of Britain and Ireland which starts next Saturday (15 October).

This time round the race is also going to be run under affiliation of the RYA. Another change to the event is that the yachts in the Round Britain and Ireland Challenge 2005 will each be headed by a professional skipper and assisted by two professional mates.


  • 36 year-old Marcus Chorleton assisted by Adam Tuffnell, 29 and Kent Cassels, 48 sailing Pindar

  • 40 year-old Des Harvey with Steve Durkin, 22 and Andy Buchanan, 26 sailing Spirit of Sark

  • 36 year-old Will Otton racing with Ricky Chalmers, 45 and Matthew Barnes, 35 sailing Samsung

  • 31 year-old John Quigley with mates Corrie McQueen, 26 and David Albury, 31 sailing Me to You

  • 28 year-old Martin Wild who will be sailing with Duncan Jubb, 30 and Kelly Robinson, 24 onboard SAIC La Jolla