The Holt Tide Ride, held at Hayling Island on 27-28 September, hosted more than 200 competitors sailing 62 races.

The Holt Tide Ride, held at Hayling Island on 27-28 September, hosted more than 200 competitors sailing 62 races.

Now in its third year, the Holt Tide Ride is the brainchild of Hayling Island Sailing Club commodore Tim Hancock. The event has five classes in which competitors race in a series of short courses. This year saw a field of International Fourteens, RS800s, B14s and for the first time, RS700s and Laser 4000s.

Each class sailed four qualifying races in a round robin format on the Saturday morning. Short windward leeward courses with downwind gates gave some exciting race action.

Sunday the action was transferred close in to the Hayling shore, with a gate set just off the new clubhouse. Each of the five classes split into two groups of 10 boats to sail in sudden death quarterfinals. The top five from each group then qualified for a 10-boat semi final. From this the top six boats were selected to go through to the class finals.

It was a good weekend for local sailors with Hayling Island Sailing Club members taking three out of five classes.


1 Matt Searle and Richard Bell – HISC
2 David Hayes and Sean Dwyer – Southport
3 Jason Andrews and Joel McDonald -Eastbourne
4 Tim Fells and Sean Barber – Oxford
5 Nils Jolliffe and Jon Branch – Weston
6 Mark Barnes and Tom Pygall – Whistable

International 14
1 Richard Lovering and Richard Kent – HISC
2 Dick Parker and David Cunningham – HISC
3 Geoff Carveth and Adrian Murphy – HISC
4 Mark Upton-Brown and Damian Ash – HISC
5 Andy Partington and Ben Vernieres – HISC
6 Martin and Robin Pascal – Itchenor

Laser 4000
1 Mark and Ollie Ponsford – Felpham
2 Peter Barton and Sally Cuthbert – Royal Lymington
3 A Palmer-Felgate and Robin Kenyon – Tamesis
4 Douglas and Hilary Baker – Weston
5 Tom Glanford and Richard Mayo – Lancing
6 Mark and Peter Flanders – South West Shingles

1 Jason Belben – Stokes Bay
2 Neil Upton-Brown – HISC
3 Keith Willis – Lymington Town
4 Ben Cooper – Lymington Town
5 Ben Oakley – HISC
6 Andrew Jameson – HISC

1 Barrie Edgington and Ian Lovering – HISC
2 Chips Howarth and Ali Hall – HISC
3 Chris Howarth and Stewart Aston – Bristol
4 James Date and Mike Warren – Stokes Bay
5 Paul Jenkins and Colin Hatton – Weirwood
6 Martin Orton and Lucy Kennedy – HISC