Video footage of Yachting World's trials aboard this hot new pocket rocket from Pogo Structures

”It’s different. It’s cool. It’s stiff. It’s light. It even whistles. And yes, it is more of an ‘it’ than a she. The Pogo 30 is muscular yet light-footed and behaves similarly to a fast dinghy or multihull: direct, fast, and fun with the potential to pulsate in any given puff.”

As you can probably tell from this quote from the conclusion in our December report, I was pretty taken with sailing the Pogo 30. The Finot Conq design offers something refreshingly different. She takes the triangular, chined shape favoured by current offshore race boats and uses it to offer a cruising platform, of sorts.

With a starting price of £70k, and over 12ft of beam buying plenty of interior space, she offers a goodly amount of lightweight fun for the money.
We travelled to builders Pogo Structures near Benodet in Brittany over two late summer days. The fully moulded and resin infused build technique to produce stiff hulls impressed. But it’s on the water where this little boat really lights up…