1/3 Off Lift Scrub Launch

With Free Courtesy Visual Check

Lift, Pressure Wash & Launch £5.33* per foot LOA
Lift Out £4.66* per foot LOA
Launch £3.33* per foot LOA

Contact Simon Barnett for more information
Tel – 01590 673312
Email – simon.barnett@berthon.co.uk

To register interest in this summer lift scrub launch offer please complete all the details of the Lift Scrub Launch form, upon receipt Berthon will contact you to confirm time and dates.

Please view the courtesy visual checklist that will be completed when your vessel is lifted at Berthon.

Valid for Lifts & Launches between 27th July until 28th August Monday to Friday

Will a smoother bottom increase performance?

Yes.  You will reach your destination faster and with more efficiency whether it is to the windward buoy or a prime anchorage.  A clean hull will also benefit your vessel under power by saving fuel and potentially improve manoeuvrability.

Do I need to move the boat myself?

Not if berthed at Berthon in Lymington. However, Berthon’s qualified skippers can deliver boats from/to other marinas for an agreed cost.

Why do it in the summer?

As well as removing any fouling, it offers the chance for a visual check below the waterline before that summer cruise; for example: keel attachment, propeller, p brackets, anodes, rudder, bow thruster as well as providing the ideal opportunity to touch up any patches in the antifouling. Peace of mind is the outcome.

How long does it take?

An hour or two for larger yachts is all it takes for a simple lift, scrub and launch. Fill out the Lift Scrub Launch form on the Berthon Website for a quote or call/email Simon Barnett directly, stating your preferred date.

+44 (0)1590 673312

After lift scrub

* All prices are ex VAT. Berthon Standard terms of business apply, including:
For more information on our courtesy visual checks please go to courtesy visual checklist
Special Offer is valid for Lifts & Launches Between 27th July until 28th August Monday to Friday
For yachts being blocked off ashore storage will be charged at standard rate; the 33% discount only applies to lifts and launches carried out during this period.
LOA Length Overall as per Berthon Standard Terms of Business.
All ashore yard labour will be labour charged at standard rates.
Exceptionally bad fouling or crustacean growth will be charged relative to the extra labour used.
Subject to availability