It's time to upgrade your electronics


Can I add a new chartplotter to my existing electronics?

Generally you can integrate your existing instruments and autopilots but may require a new radar if yours is analogue.

Why has my AIS stopped working?

Check the power breaker, confirm the unit’s not in silent mode, then check the connection between the transceiver and its antenna and check the splitter too. If your AIS is still not receiving, call in an expert. A standing wave ratio (SWR) check should show loss of resistance in the antenna or cabling. The mast base is a weak point, where the cable may rub.

How often should I update the chart in my plotter?

Each year, most brands offer a discounted update rate, of as much as 50% of the new chart cost. Check if your sailing area has had any changes at your local yacht club or marina. Berthon says: ‘A good annual stocking filler!’

Do I need to replace electronics if they’re all working?

The last three years have seen a huge leap in user-friendly software and hardware across all leading brands so it may be worth it even if you are a believer of ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. When did you last upgrade your phone?

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Raymarine ES128 installed by Berthon on a Southerly 42