A capsize can happen to anyone in the blink of an eye. We can all learn from our mistakes and those of others. Most will go unseen by the public, but here are some of the most dramatic capsize videos we've seen. Do send others to us at yachting.world@timeinc.com.



Take a look at this dramatic video illustration of how a relatively small breaking wave can capsize a yacht. Read more on why breaking waves are so dangerous to yachts at: https://www.yachtingworld.com/blogs/elaine-bunting/yacht-capsized-breaking-wave-294



This video shows how quickly it can go wrong whilst racing.  Several crewmembers found themsleves taking an impromptu swim after the boat broached. Don’t miss the slow-motion version at the end of the film…


Our sister publication, Yachting Monthly, deliberately capsized their Crash Test boat to see what really happens. They installed waterproof cameras to show you the devastation that results from a capsize. The resulting footage gives plenty of food for thought…


Dismasting, capsize, breaking waves- this is one scary video.  Details on the footage are vague, but it appears to have been taken off the coast of Sydney in the 1980’s.


Oracle Team USA skippered by Jimmy Spithill suffered this dramatic capsize in 2012.  Watch as the crewmembers dangle 25ft in the air from the windward rail. Upper-body strength is a must-have!


In 2011 during the Extreme Sailing Series, The Wave Muscat suffered this catastrophic capsize, which saw the crewmembers fall onto the mast, snapping it in two.  In almost unprecedented heavy weather sailing conditions in Qingdao, the Extreme 40 catamaran completly inverted. It was skipper Torvar Mirsky’s first Extreme Sailing Series season.