I am told of a very unusual but eventually successful cure for mal de mar

Yesterday 26 June it was a bit bumpy out on the press boat so inevitably there were one or two journos regretting their greasy breakfasts. This prompted a story of the most unusual seasickness cure I have ever heard.

This person who, for reasons that will become obvious, wishes to remain anonymous, usually went sailing with friends as his wife was a non-sailor. He was always badly seasick. Every time he arrived back a bit later than intended on a Sunday evening he would get a fair amount of grief from his spouse as a result of which he would spend half the day clock watching so he’d get home on time.

Someone persuaded him to try hypnosis to cure his seasickness and somewhat apprehensively (you never know what they might see in your head) he went along.

When he came out of his trance the hypnotherapist told him that he thought anxiety was the root cause of his mal de mer.

‘So,’ he told me, ‘I got divorced and have never been seasick since’.

I should add that this treatment is not endorsed by Yachting World!