IRC Rule changes 2006

  • Thu, 24 Nov 2005

The RORC Rating Office has announced the following IRC Rule changes 2006 which come into force on 1 January 2006

The RORC Rating Office has announced the following IRC Rule changes 2006
which come into force on 1 January 2006. Those countries where the certification year is June-May, the changes come into force on 1 June 2006.

Changes to IRC Rules for 2006 are again generally not great. Of greatest relevance to owners are the changes to the treatment of mainsail upper width in the interests of greater equity across the fleets. Apart from this, changes have little practical effect and are more of an administrative or informative nature.

The changes to Rule 9.8 reflect a change in the timing of certificate validity for the previous 'south' certificates and also now that a number of other countries have adopted these validity dates.

New Rule 9.11 recognises long established custom and practice by overtly permitting copy certificates to be supplied,.

The change to Rule 11.1 clarifies which parts of Rule 26.1.5 may be amended by Sailing Instructions and also reflects the re-arrangement of rule 26.8, Furling Headsails.

New Rule 23.2, Overhang Factor, is for information only

The changes to Rules 26.5.2, 26.5.3, and 26.5.4 amend the default value of Mainsail Upper Width (MUW) from 0.26*E to 0.22*E. Additionally, the lower rateable limit for MUW is set to 0.20*E.

New Rule 26.8.4 is re-positioned from the old Rule 26.8.1 to permit this rule to be amended by a race committee via the change to Rule 11.1.

Rule 27.2 is now titled Hull Factor. New Rule 27.2.1 is added for information only.

The title of Rule 27.3 and Rule 27.3.1 are amended to correct the previous omission of 'variable'.

Rule 27.3.4 is amended to remove the previous requirement for water ballast outlets to be normal to the hull surface and additionally by the deletion of the first sentence which is covered by ISAF Offshore Regulations.

Rule 29.1 is amended to reflect that ISAF Offshore Special Regulations now also include a Category 5.

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