Investec Loyal

Sydney Hobart Line Honours

Investec Loyal takes line honours in Sydney Hobart race and beats Wild Oats by narrow margin

VOR Loading

Volvo Fleet Leaves on Ship

With the fleet safely aboard, the ship bearing the five boats is due to leave its secret location today

Puma xmas

Secret VOR Christmas

Crews from the Volvo fleet describe their thoughts on Christmas as they fight their way out of the Doldrums

Groupama lead

Soon to be Out of Sight

Groupama takes the lead, the fleet barrels towards the Stealth Zone and Sanya arrive in Madagascar


Why we love knock-out races

Delaying race starts or finishing them early to reduce risks is a tricky path to tread. The truth is, we cherish ocean races not all will finish

Sanya Rigging

VO70s New Potential Weak Link

A broken D2 stays forces Mike Sanderson’s team to head for Madagascar - is this a new weak link for VO70s?


Ainslie’s Next Job

Could Oracle be where Ainslie’s off to next after the Olympics?


Southern Ocean at 30 knots

The giant trimaran Banque Populaire is reeling out 700-mile days in a fearsome display of the raw power of the wind

Percy Perth

Second Blow to British Team

First it was Ben Rhodes, now Iain Percy is forced to withdraw from the ISAF Sailing World Championships in Perth

Abu Dhabi

VOR: Calm Before the Storm

Leg 2 got underway from Cape Town in light conditions, but heavy going conditions are forecast

Ainslie Perth

Ainslie Erupts

And throws away chance of a sixth Finn World Championship