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TP52 MedCup regatta

TP52 MedCup regatta video

A spectacular port and starboard incident at the TP52 MedCup regatta is caught on video

Yachts on test

As anyone who's tried to work out the true relative costs of similar boats will know, comparing apples with apples in the yacht world is as easy as getting a quote from a taxi driver.

Hooligan MAIB report

Hooligan MAIB report

An investigation into the fatal capsizing of the 35ft yacht Hooligan V

Daisy Haynes

How green are Superyachts?

12-year-old eco-entrepreneur Daisy Haynes reveals her research into the green credentials of superyachts

Leading Edge - Dynamic Sailing System

A new design concept claims to provide a novel solution to one of the most fundamental issues of yacht design - stability and how to generate it.

Ericsson 3

Broken by design

Trying to repair a yacht to racing standards is a nerve-wracking experience, as these VOR case histories prove

Superyacht Adele

Life aboard Adele

David Glenn finds out what it's really like cruising on a superyacht

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